Environment, Health & Safety

Caring for Environment is a core corporate value and as a part of this commitment, the company initiated its EHS policy in 2001. The company’s EHS policy provides for the creation of a safe & healthy workplace & a clean environment for employees and the community . It aims at higher international standards in plant design, equipment selection , maintenance and operations to meet these standards . The policy seeks to manufacture products safely and in an environmentally responsible manner. The implementation of EHS policy is ensured by institutionalization a robust EHS management system, adequately supported by well defined organizational structure. As a part of EHS processes at the corporate level, besides laying down guidelines on systems, policy and training, the corporate EHS office monitors compliance, maintains and disseminates information on laws and regulations .

EHS performance review meetings are held on regular basis to monitor the progress against agreed EHS improvement plans. The key processes at location level comprise of regular safety surveillance & audits, permit to work system for operational / maintenance safety, fire prevention & protection activities , disposal activities related to hazardous wastes, regular monitoring of the environment internally and also through approved laboratories. These practices and approvals ensure that an effective framework is always in place, not only for manufacture of high quality products, but also for effective use of resources and reduction of wastes as well as high safety & hygiene standards.

Paramount has made significant improvements in process safety of the existing manufacturing facilities by providing extensive instrumented safety protection systems. The intended safety features are incorporated in the basic design.

Paramount has made EHS concerns and practices, a necessary factor in appraising its employee performance. The company also accords a very high priority to hygiene monitoring at workplace and health assessment of all employees at site. The plant and processes are continuously upgraded to improve hygiene and health standards. Necessary training is imparted to the employees is constantly updated through various external and in-house training programs.

The High Performance Powder Coating produced by the company is a solid , odourless , free-flowing, insoluble in water, non- inflammable ( ignition temperature more than 400 ºC ) nuisance dust. It is non – toxic (except –TGIC based products), environment & operator friendly ,non polluting product. A few products are available with “ ROHS ” compliance.(Upon exclusive request.

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